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18th August 2012

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How it is: Abortion Edition



You know what I hate? Killing babies. You know what I hate even more? Trying to legally and morally justify the killing of babies.

The abortion debate is of those of-so-wunderbar “hot button” issues that gets a lot of air time and even more hot air. People lose sight of what they’re actually talking about, and instead aim to deviate and defamie the other person.

Actually…you know what? I’m just going to say it; it’s usually the Pro-Abortionites…

You know for five seconds I almost gave a fuck to point out all the flaws in your argument, but after “pro-abortionites” I just couldn’t take you seriously.

1) no uterus, no say.
2) can’t tell what rape victims should do with their pregnancies (because duh, not all rape victims react to a pregnancy in the same way.)
3) It’s a fetus, not a baby. The term baby is subjective, no matter how many times you argue otherwise.
4) A pregnancy isn’t a walk in the fucking park HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO POINT THIS SHIT OUT.
5) Mother Teresa doesn’t have anything to offer in the abortion debate because she was, in general, not a very good person at all.
6) You’re either confusing the Bill of Rights with the Declaration of Independence, which yes they are both completely different and which only one has any political influence in the country(spoiler alert - it’s the Bill of Rights), or you’re just trying to toss in more nonsense in your already-nonsensical argument.
7) Adoption is a shitty argument so don’t even get me started.
8) If it prevents women* from dying of preventable pregnancy complications than fuck yes it should still be legal.
And pro-abortionites isn’t even a thing, so stop using the word like it is.
There you go.

Are abortionites like mooninites, I wonder?

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