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21st January 2013

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Hey feminists


Guess what. I love it when boys buy me food. And no, I don’t hate myself because of that.

^^ A good example of a person who has no idea what feminism is.

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3rd October 2012

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New parenting book charmingly entitled "Raising boys that feminists hate." - Otherwise known as "How to raise your son to be a future abuser/rapist"! →


Imagine if Alan Jones and an AK-47 assault rifle teamed up to write a parenting manual about raising boys.

Nope, can’t do it? Then get yourself to Amazon and have a read of Doug Giles’ recently published Raising Boys Feminists Will Hate.

Giles’ thesis is as novel as it is dumb. According to Giles, modern parenting has been hijacked by a bunch of men-hating lesbians.

These evil non-male beings — also known as ‘women’ — are hell-bent on turning your sons into well-rounded social beings. Or, as Giles scathingly calls them, ‘nice, placid cooperators’.

Giles bases his ideas on the Bible. No doubt this is in the vain hope that anyone who isn’t immediately convinced by his nonsense will come around if they’re told it has the endorsement of the MAN upstairs.

According to Giles, “God’s initial earth boy was born to dominate creation and to exercise authority over the planet”. He implores parents to nurture their  ‘natural born leader who will naturally want to control’. 

If all our boys are raised to dominate and control, who then is left to be dominated and controlled? Oh yes, that’s right, women.  Or, more specifically, as Giles writes, “The feminists and the men who have yielded up their private parts to the lesbians, I mean feminists, [who] have an organized system of male hatred that they just can’t wait to slap your son with.”

The trouble for Giles and other conservatives who bleat about feminism threatening the natural order of things, is that they embody everything they rail against.

On the one hand they’re constantly banging on about how men are natural born leaders. Then they go and ruin the whole warrior thing by whining about how they’re the victims of a vast cultural conspiracy run by women.

You can’t have it both ways. Either God/nature ordained that you’re a ruler, or he didn’t. And if your supposedly divinely-ordained grip on power is coming undone by ‘handbag hitsquads’, ‘joint destroyers’ and the arguments of rational people, then perhaps it’s time to admit that you were mistaken.

Although, of course, Giles would reply that this is just another myth perpetrated by the popular media. The media, it turns out, are central players in this whole men-hating racket.

“The clear message that comes from popular culture,” writes Doug, “is that masculinity sucks, and femininity is fabulous, even for men. Men who would be men are getting pounded in pop culture and everyone is expected to be cool with it.”

Doug obviously isn’t familiar with Rocky I, II, III, IV, V and Rocky Balboa; First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II, Rambo III, and Rambo; Die Hard, Die Hard 2, Die Hard With a Vengeance; all the Dirty Harry films; and pretty much every Hollywood blockbuster ever produced.

But then again, Doug’s not one for movies. They’re for sissies. According to his website, Doug’s interests include “guns, big game hunting, big game fishing, fine art, cigars, helping wounded warriors, and being a big pain in the butt to people who dislike God and the USA”.

If you long for a world where men are men, Jesus is a Hummer-driving redneck, large animals know how to stand still in front of a gun sight, and women just shut the f*#k up, then this is the parenting manual for you.

This is so incredibly evil I don’t have any words for it. Just… evil

He also has a parenting manual for your little girls, too :|

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25th July 2012

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27th June 2012

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C’mon learn context, humor, and what real misogyny is. Just because you dont find something offensive doesnt mean its time for you to raise the war flag and complain about inequality. That is just as bad as trying to ban books, movies, music, etc just because it doesnt fit to ur small opinion of what u find acceptable. just like some kind of religious or political zealot.
plus on top of it Ur just victimization yourself and Reenforcing these “stereotypes” against you. If someone is actually trying to belittle you because of ur gender. brush it off ur shoulder, because u getting all huffy about it is exactly what they want, think dont act…

OH! And ladies really look at yourself and ur behavior.


Bet you’ll take that out of context too.

Telling people who are victimized by privileged persons — whether through action, media, off-color jokes, imagery — to simply “brush it off” is a weak attempt to disregard their feelings of victimization and marginalization.

Good job telling victims of misogyny that it’s up to them to react in an acceptable manner rather than telling misogynists that their behavior is what needs to change.

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